Passion sport silky cashmere


Months ago, I sent the always fashionable Wendy Bernard a couple skeins of our sport silky cashmere in a glorious red I developed just for her, Passion.  I asked her to create whatever struck her fancy with this luxurious and RED yarn.

She did not disappoint!  Her new "Yen Jacket" is a feminine and delicate lace cardigan with a deep v in back.  Perfect to throw on whenever you need a light something-something add some elegance to your outfit.

Knit in pieces and seamed up and dressed up with a touch of attached i-cord, this jacket features a completely reversible nine-row lace pattern so that, should the jacket fall open, the wrong side will be just as pretty as the right side.

We have a few batches of the Passion color dyed and ready to ship immediately.  Once this is sold, Passion will be a dyed-to-order color only available in sport silky cashmere and it will ship in 3-8 weeks.  

Passion sport silky cashmere is 320 yards and 100 grams of 65% White Cashmere and 35% silk. 5-6 stitches per inch. US 3-5/3.25-3.75mm needles. Handwash, tepid water.
The "Yen" jacket uses 2-4 skeins of sport silky cashmere. 

Knit It!

Click here for full details and to purchase the pattern. (This pattern is purchased directly from Wendy.)

Purchase 2-4 skeins of "Passion" sport silky cashmere below.  

If you'd like to order any quantity of "Passion" sport silky cashmere for another project, you are welcome to do so. 
"Yen Jacket" photos courtesy Wendy Bernard.