The Petals Collection

Last Fall, I asked four of my favorite designers if they’d like to develop a pattern for a new yarn club I wanted to launch, and if so, what yarn would they want to use?
All four designers, Veera Valimaki, Kristen Kapur, Joji Locatelli and Thea Colman were happy to join. And they all requested to use our silky cashmere yarn base.
We decided to make it a Cashmere club and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to infuse this beautiful yarn base with rich and gorgeous flower-inspired colors.  
So with the silky cashmere yarn and a bouquet of flowers, it only seemed fitting to return to my Sundara Yarn roots and bring back my very first yarn club: The Petals Collection.  Only this time, it will be The Petals Collection - Cashmere Edition.
I’ve been busy creating a new color for each designer - based on a flower or something flower inspired.  We’ve worked to include a range of colors for the collection: something dark, something light, something bright, something unexpected.
There will be four mailing, each including 2 skeins of silky cashmere yarn.  The color of the yarn will be the color I developed for the designer and the pattern is included.
Kristen Kapur’s amazing design will be the first mailing in July and you can see the sneak peek of her design in the photo to the right.
So without further ado, I am proud and excited to ask you to join our Petals Collection - Cashmere edition.